A Big thank you to all the staff, who were always helpful, accommodating and available. I enjoyed living in your apartment and I will cherish the memories I made here. I hope the next family who moves in will enjoy the peace & tranquility as much as I have. Best wishes and many thanks

Eric Bremer + Marston Owens

About us


Introduction of Company

Swayambhu Hotels and Apartments Pvt. Ltd. is company registered with Office of Company Registrar as on Mansir 11, 2069 with registration number 107453/069/070. This is newly registered company under the Brihat Group. The main scope of this company is to cover the broad horizon of Hospitality Industry. Initially the business was operated under the management of the parent company, Brihat Investments Pvt. Ltd. (BI) as Community Rental Home by Owner (CRBO). The theme at the inception is to provide highest standard of short term and long-term rental service for expats, foreigners and vacationers in well-equipped and fully furnished houses and apartments that are inside community living in various locations in Kathmandu Valley.

The parent company started the business with 4 apartments and 3 houses located at various location viz., Panipokhari, Thaiba, Budhanilkantha and Sitapaila. Currently, the company is operating servicedapartments at TCH Tower IV – Sitapaila and TCH Tower III – Panipokhari and houses atTCH Community Living – Budhanilkantha, TCH Community Living – Thaiba and Brihat Community Living – Ramkot. Now the company has 7apartmentsat TCH Tower IV, Sitapaila, and an apartment unit at TCH Tower III, Panipokhari and a house at TCH Community Living – Budhanilkantha, TCH Community Living – Thaiba and Brihat Community Living – Ramkot. The company is operating high standard 'booking only restaurant' mainly focusing on private dining on 9th floor at the TCH Tower–IV, Sitapaila with a maximum capacity of 50. The company has been operating restaurant and organizing private parties at garden and pool area of Brihat Community Living, Ramkot. It has been operating beauty parlor in the Tower at Sitapaila serving clients from serviced apartment and residents at the tower and neighborhood. For the upcoming future projects, we are in the process of developing senior hotels and conference hotels in Ramkot area. So, all these activities are operating under the company that is Swayambhu Hotels and Apartments.


Serviced Apartments:

One of the companies under Brihat Group, Swayambhu Hotels and Apartments has come a long way since its days as Community Rental Home by Owner CRBO. Brihat Group has ventured out with this entrepreneurial sector catering to the growing market for vacationers, expats, NRNs' and business people. It provides the best service in rentals of full-furnished service apartments and houses that are inside housing communities in Kathmandu Valley. The Group has allocated a well-trained team of handpicked professionals to operate this new venture. Swayambhu team has been working hard to continue its excellent service to the clients that stay in its homes for short term and long term.

The theme is to provide homely environment for visitors, who are in search of an alternative to staying at hotels. NRNs and business people who frequently visit Nepal prefer something close as home but at the same time, professional as hotel without the formalities and being at the center of crowd. That is where Swayambhu comes in with this new venture. Currently Swayambhu has apartments at TCH Tower IV - Sitapaila, and TCH Tower III - Panipokhari and houses at Brihat Community Living -Ramkot, Sitapaila, TCH Community Living – Budhanilkantha and TCH Community Living - Thaiba offering the service. These units are fully furnished and comes with full kitchens well equipped with modern amenities. They have power back up system, internet connectivity and housemaid service available as well. The company has come a long way starting with providing long-term stay for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) from Stanford University, USA for Nepal Ambulance Service (NAS) at TCH – Thaiba.

It has kept its primary root at Sitapaila being close to the head office, adding up more units mostly with long-term clients. A noticeable thing is the repeated guests that come every year for few months stay, where they have felt it as a home away from home. Keeping peace with the relatives who lives in traditional houses in the core area of the city, these NRNs stay in these apartments and houses with same facilities and comfort as in their home abroad with the privacy of their own. What separates other serviced apartments in the valley with units of Swayambhu is the fact that all of its units are inside housing community, which provides added peace of mind with 24 hours security system provided by professional security personnel inside gated community. Guests can enjoy all the facilities community living has to offer including swimming pool, gym, sauna, Jacuzzi etc.


Swayambhu Dine & Lounge:

Swayambhu Dine and Lounge is a new product of Swayambhu Hotels and Apartment. It is a high standard booking only dine mainly focused on "private dining." The area on the ninth floor of TCH Tower IV at Sitapaila provides a fabulous setting for family banquets, business meetings, business entertainment, receptions, personal dining, social gatherings, birthday parties, new product launches and private parties. The newly decorated terrace has a breathtaking view of entire valley and Himalayan range. The all-weather terrace covered with nicely decorated truss provides comfortable outdoorsy yet cozy under-the-moon dining environment, which amplifies with the stage in the middle for occasional live music performance. The dining area inside comprise of ample seating areas with comfortable leather couches and dining tables. The full service bar offers a large selection of high quality local and international liquors and beverages. The space can be transformed to meet any seating arrangement you require, depending on the occasion.
The service staff proudly offers top of the line service with requirements to suit your needs. You can celebrate your next special occasion in style with an exciting and unique opportunity to be part of this elite group. You have to come here to enjoy the experience and feel the ambiance of high class dining at an affordable price within a convenient location. You can your guests can enjoy the full serviced apartments for short term and long term while staying in one of the Swayambhu units in different locations. For a company such as Brihat Group who knows Real Estate in and out, coming up with successful entrepreneurial ventures in hospitality industry with serviced apartments and fine dining restaurant is just another feather in its cap.

Management of Brihat Community Living – Ramkot:

The major objective is to manage and operate the community of Brihat Community Living – Ramkot. Brihat Community Living is a full functional well-managed community with 76 Houses out of which 15 households are already living in the community. Managing the community includes broad list of responsibilities such as upkeep of the common area, managing security throughout the community, operating clubhouse including regular maintenance of gym hall, sauna, Jacuzzi, swimming pool, garden area etc. Beside management of community,company is operating private parties at the swimming pool side and garden area for owner of the community and others as well.

First Floor Parlor:

With the theme of collaborating for the success of entrepreneurship, Swayambhu Hotels and Apartments has recently collaborated with a talented entrepreneur establishing a full-fledged beauty parlor to cater to its high-end clients who stay at its apartments at TCH Tower IV, Sitapaila. The modernly furnished and equipped state of the art parlor has been offering its range of services to the neighbors at the tower and people around Sitapaila area as well.